Power Fresh® Car Diffuser


How to Use:
1. Unwrap fresh scent bar with included clear tray.
2. Pull open diffuser cap and insert scent bar with tray.
3. Push diffuser cap back in place and insert into a 12V charger in front seat area with on/off LED button facing up.
4. Press button once to power on. Auto-off after 1 hour. Push button again to turn back on.
  • Ergonomic patent-pending design like nothing else in auto fragrance diffusion!
  • Insert into car’s 12-volt charger for 12 volts of scent!
  • Push button power switch with LED indicator
  • Automatic shutoff after 1 hour, push button reset
  • Solid scent load avoids mess – comes with four ScentBar™ refills for a month or more of fragrance..
  • Diffuser lasts for years to keep it green.
  • Includes 2 Speedway and 2 Citrus Sky ScentBars™
  • Customers return to stores for refills and other fragrance varieties.
  • Custom colors and fragrances also available—ask about options.