ScenTrio® Wax Warmer


Isn’t it time for a truly innovative scent warmer?

The ScenTrio’s versatility and refined aesthetic makes for a top-of the line addition to your scent warmer offering. Whether the user prefers wax melts, fragrance oils, essential oils, or the easiest, most effective of all – the Belle Aroma No-Melt Tarts. It’s the perfect multi-purpose solution.

We added versatility with a “trio” of heating levels – low for Belle Aroma’s No-Melt Tarts'” and low-temperature wax, medium for wax melts, and high for oils.

Second, we added a cycle timer so the user can control the fragrance level in the room and extend the life of the scent load.

Finally, we offer pierced metal and wire mesh sleeves over ceramic for a modern take on tradition, packaged in a natural craft box for gifting appeal.

Your ScenTrio® Tabletop Warmer features a unique-to-the-industry in –line control pad with both a Power Timer and a Power Level setting.

The Power Timer lets you select how long you wish the fragrance to be released: 4H, 8H, 12H, or always on. “H” represents “hours.” To turn the Power Timer off, press the switch until no setting is lighted. Utilizing the timer extends the life of your scent load.

The ScenTrio® Power Levels let you adjust the intensity of the warmer’s fragrance release from “Low,” for Belle Aroma No-Melt Tart™ or other scented plastic; to “Med” (medium) for fragrance wax products, to “High” for essential or fragrance oils, or quicker release of fragrance from wax.

When used with Belle Aroma No-Melt Tart™ on the “Low” setting, your ScenTrio® Tabletop Warmer will emit fragrance for up to two weeks or more when constantly “On”. It is not recommended to warm No-Melt Tart™ on “Med” or “High”.
Caution: Use on flat surfaces only in the vertical orientation, with the cup facing upward. The heated cup of unit can be hot when in use and may cause burns. Allow to cool before handling. Use only 25-watt replacement halogen bulbs.

Warning: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed. Misuse can result in fire hazard.
• Do not put fingers or hands into unit while it is plugged in.
• Do not immerse in water.
• Do not insert metal or any foreign object into any LOVA scent warmer.
• Use all LOVA electrical products only with properly functioning 120-volt electrical outlets.
• Do not use if chipped or cracked.
• Do not leave unit unattended.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Place away from high traffic areas or low places where product can be bumped or knocked out of place. Do not place directly under counters or cabinets.
• Turn unit off and allow to cool before handling.
  • Power Levels–Low for No-Melt Tarts, Medium for wax, High for oils
  • Power Timer–Always on, 4, 8, or 12 hours
  • In-line controls
  • Long lasting halogen light with dimmer
  • 120 Volt
  • ETL/cETL approved

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